Happy Birthday, Dave Cash!
July 18th, 2002
The story of a presentation for Dave's 60th birthday, made by Craig and David Warren

Early Big L publicity shot
In May 2002, Radio London received a message from David Warren who wrote:

Mary, I have had a few exchanges of e-mail with a good friend of yours recently – one Dave Cash – and he suggested that I contacted you with my problem. I have for several years been trying to obtain an original Decca copy of 'Knees' – but with NO luck. Any ideas where I might get one from? I know it is available on CD, but I really would like an original vinyl copy.

Chris did a couple of quick searches on the internet and discovered a copy of the single, which David quickly purchased. He explained:

The reason I wanted to try to get hold of a copy was to give it to Dave Cash on the extra special occasion of his 60th birthday on 18th July. I was speaking to him some months ago and it emerged that he had his only copy stolen when he was a guest DJ at a disco somewhere up north and he was understandably quite cut up about it. That was way back in the late 60's/early 70's, but he has been "kneeless" ever since!

What I intend to do is mount the record in a nice display picture frame before I hand it over to Dave. It would make it a really EXTRA special gift if Mary could write a few well chosen words together with Dave's Knees Club membership number. I could then add this note below the record in the frame. It would make a nice memento of the good old days I am sure.

Mary did as requested. Into David's presentation frame with the single and its sleeve, went a picture of the Knees Club Founder's own Club Card (above).

The following text also went into the presentation frame:
Dave Cash was Knees Club Member 10. 'Knees' was, naturally, adopted as our Club Song. The station's Head DJ, the late Tony Windsor (the subject of numerous Kenny/Cash jokes regarding 'TW's knees') was designated Club President. Everyone working for Radio London as a DJ qualified automatically as a star member and received a hand-made membership card.

The Knees Club Founder's card reads: "This is to certify that Mary Wingert is No.1 founder member of the Knees Club, founded 7.1.66, also editor of 'Knees Monthly', and her knees may be called upon at any time for active duty. Club song: 'Knees' by Kenny and Cash on Decca." 'A' side, autographed by Dave Cash, Chris Denning, Paul Kaye, Earl Richmond and Ed Stewpot.

The Kenny and Cash Show, by Dave's own admission, kick-started his life in radio. The show was on Radio London for less than a year, yet its impact on broadcasting still resonates all these years later. After Lil's demise, Dave and Kenny revived the K/C Show on Radio One, (the first broadcast being on Kenny's birthday, Christmas Day 1967) and again, when London's Capital Radio hit the airwaves in 1973. In a memorable 1974 April Fool's programme the jokers pretended to be back on board Radio London, complete with jingles and sound effects of 'the tender hitting the side'. Dave describes his recording with Kenny of the Club Song Knees as "the most terrible single in the world", but called his Big L '97 guest appearance, "The best three hours' broadcasting I'd done in thirty years."

David continues the story of the birthday presentation:

My son Craig and I went down to the Radio Kent studios a week or so after Mr Cash's 60th and presented him with his belated birthday prezzie. (left, with DC almost displaying his patellae) He seemed quite taken aback that someone would go to the trouble of bothering. Anyway, he was over the moon at getting back a treasured copy of 'Knees'. He really was deeply moved......what a nice guy!

I must admit, it did take quite a bit of effort and time in tracking down a good playable copy. There were never that many around in the '60s, let alone nowadays. I would not be surprised to be told that there were only a few left in the whole world!

Webmasters' note: David's right. It seems rather unlikely that Decca would have contemplated doing a massive pressing of Knees, despite the single selling at least five copies in the High Wycombe area! The framed copy was probably the best 60th birthday present Dave received, and all thanks to David and Craig's thoughtfulness.

The Knees Club Founder rekneed her acquaintanceship with KC member #10 at the Summer of Love Party in Clacton, August 1997

Trevor Sturgess interviews Dave outside the Prince's Theatre, Clacton, with technical support from Chris Payne

Dave is pictured with the rest of the Radio London team
at the Summer of Love Party below.


Happy Birthday, Roman Ruler!
June 16th, 2001

Hail, citizens! Photos taken during Big L '97.

Big L '97. Ruling the Roman – we mean Yeoman – Rose
(Photo: Di and Hugo

Clacton, August 16th, 1997.Meet the Roman Dynasty! Empress Jan, daughter Debbie, Mark and original Big L backer, Tom Danaher

Below: The Man in White introduces the Big L team: Keith Skues, original PD Ben Toney and at the mike, Dave Cash. Behind: Duncan Johnson, Tommy Vance, Dave 'Hermione' Hawkins, Tom Danaher, Ian 'Wombat' Damon. Hiding behind Tom is John 'Purpleknees' Edward.

Happy Birthday, Stewpot!
April 23rd, 2001
The above original Big L publicity shot shows there's no doubt about it – Stewpot's got better-looking with age! The photos were taken during Ed's visit to Yeoman Rose, during the Big L '97 Summer of Love RSL.
Back behind the mike on Big L after thirty years! Broadcasting from the studio in the Captain's cabin
"I don't believe it!" Stewpot and Tony 'Bird Brain' Brandon are stunned by the sight of the Yeoman Rose up close

It was definitely a wise move to dump the beard, Ed! A photo of Stewpot aboard the Ocean Defender with Pauline Miller and a shark, taken during the Christmas '97/New Year '98 Big L RSL can be found here and many photos of Stewpot at the 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion 2002, are here.
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