Ronan O'Rahilly
May 1940 – April 2020

Offshore Radio pioneer

Radio London's
picture tribute page

Early Days: (Above and below) Ronan aboard Fredericia in Greenore
(This and the next photo are courtesy of Bruce Fleming)

August 2002 – Radio London organised a reunion to mark the 35th Anniversary of the MOA at Doggett's pub on the Thames.
Ronan was renowned for never attending offshore reunions, so his arrival at Doggett's came as a huge surprise.
Back in the Sixties, Ronan hired most of the DJs in this photo to work aboard the good ships
Mi Amigo and Fredericia.

Having made it to Doggett's, Ronan was delighted to meet up with Keefers, Johnnie Walker and Mike Ahern

Ronan also had a laugh with DLT, who had insisted that he wouldn't be attending, but was persuaded to come by his mate Keefers!

After Doggett's, there was no stopping Ronan attending reunions and he seemed to enjoy them! This one, organised by Roger Day (centre, in front of Ronan) commemorated Caroline's 40th Birthday, March 28th, 2004. It was held at the Red Lion pub, the watering hole just around the corner from the station's offices in Chesterfield Gardens.

Ronan with one of his first Caroline DJs,
Simon Dee

With members of the post-MOA crew, Spangles Muldoon,
Johnnie Walker and Robbie Dale

With current Caroline boss, Peter Moore (left) and Paul McKenna at another of Twiggy Days's reunions. This was for Caroline's 45th Birthday in 2009. Sadly, the Red Lion had closed, so Twiggy organised it at another Mayfair venue,
Ye Grapes.
Apparently, Ronan was astonished to see himself on Twiggy's teeshirt

Colour photos: Mary Payne, Martin van der Ven, Ben Meijering

Read Jon Myer's excellent tribute to Ronan on the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

Offshore events attended by Ronan:

Bruce Fleming's Greenore photos

2002 Doggett's Reunion

Roger Day's Red Lion Reunion

Roger Day's Ye Grapes Reunion

Radio Academy Celebration of Sixties Offshore Radio, 2007

Jimmy Smith live from the Mi Amigo
Ronan was a huge jazz fan and one of his memorable stunts was get Jimmy Smith's Hammond C3 organ
hauled aboard the Mi Amigo, so that the acclaimed organist could play live from the ship.

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