Mickey Brown aka Mick Luvzit – 'the Micker'
February 1942 - December 2012

"God bless and remember... You're Special! So Keep On Rockin'!"

We are sorry to report that Caroline's Mick Luvzit has died in Canada at the age of 70.

Fellow DJ, Jim Murphy's biography tells us that Mick was born in Portage Le Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, and showed early promise as a musician. Preferring rock to classical music, Mick was first heard on the station CKY Winnipeg, singing with his own band. He went on to DJ at CKY, and subsequently CHWO, CHIC, CHUM and CFGM, the top country station in Canada.

In 1966, Mick came to Britain to join Radio Caroline. Ronan O'Rahilly wanted him on the South ship, but although he spent a few weeks there, Mick was a claustrophobia sufferer and found he preferred the individual cabins aboard the Fredericia. He made news headlines when he married Janet Terrett in a ceremony performed on the deck of the Fredericia by the ship's captain, Martin Gipps. This was a live broadcast, heard on both Caroline stations, and was such a groundbreaking event that it was even covered by the BBC.

(Right) 1966 Wedding Day photo from Jim Murphy's biography

Graham Webb, who was describing the ceremony for listeners, later revealed that he made a bit of a gaff. Newsreader Gord Cruse took him aside afterwards and asked, "Do you realise what you said at the penultimate moment before they tied the knot?" When they replayed the tape, Webby discovered that his description was, "Mick is now placing the ring on Janet Terrett’s finger and Janet in turn places the finger on Mick."

That same year, busy Mick released a single on Decca, 'Long Time Between Lovers' with a self-penned B-side 'Tho' I Still Love You'. He said, "I left to go on holiday to Canada with my new bride and was (planning) to come back to the ship as well as record an album for Decca, but I never did return because I knew the Marine Offences Bill was coming in. I was sorry to let Ronan down." However, Mick never forgot his happy times aboard the Fredericia and he and Janet named their daughter Jelisse Caroline.

"I still laugh at some of the things I used to say on the air like, "Mick Luvzit... your Prez... the Wild One," he once told us.

"Or equally dumb: 'This is your Mad Dad with the Groovy Turntables, drippin' wax all over your radio dial here on Radio Caroline North - home of the Boss Jocks!' Tee - hee! But they were fun days."

(Left) Some of the Caroline North contingent at the 35th Anniversary Reunion in 2002: DLT, David Williams, Graham Webb, Gord Cruse, Nick Bailey and Mick

Mick was also renowned for his 'Granny' character. He and Granny were kind enough to record some very special messages for the Big L 2001 RSL broadcast, which you can hear by clicking the link in the list below.

After a very long absence, Mick returned to the UK in 2002 to attend Radio London's 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion. With other ex-Caroline jocks, he revisited the former Caroline House at 6 Chesterfield Gardens and the Red Lion pub in Mayfair. He was also delighted to revisit his old haunts on the Isle of Man.

Afterwards, Mick thanked us, "You guys are awesome. Thanks for all your tremendous work of keeping us in touch with our friends and former DJs of Pirate Radio. We don't live in the past but we do enjoy those wonderful memories along with cherished thoughts of the many thousands of faithful fans who made us feel like part of their families."

(Right) Caroline House: (l to r) Gord Cruse, Graham Webb, Mick, Kenny Tosh, Bud Ballou, John Aston. Front row: Mary and Chris Payne

Mick enjoyed our reunion so much that when he heard that Graham Webb would be visiting Vancouver in the summer of 2004, he decided to organise the first-ever North American convention. This reunion marked the 40th anniversary of the original Caroline ship Fredericia, sailing north to Ramsey Bay in the Isle of Man where she became the broadcasting base of Caroline North. The reunion was attended by Gordie Cruse, Ben Healy, Mel Howard, John Kerr, Lorne King, Tony Prince, Bryan Vaughan, Graham Webb and Steve Young. Other guests were Mary Payne, Kenny Tosh, Trish Young and Mick's friend Adam.

After suffering a heart attack, Mick underwent a quadruple by-pass operation in November 2007, but had made a good recovery. In 2010, he told the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame that he was working on a script for a documentary. Until recent months, Mick had been attending media lunches in Vancouver.

(l to r) Back row: Ben Healy, Steve Young, Tony Prince, Kenny Tosh, Lorne King.
Front row: Mel Howard, Mick, Bryan Vaughan, John Kerr

Tribute from Ben Healy

I can't believe it was eight years ago we had the Vancouver reunion. Before I went to the reunion Kenny Tosh sent me a Tape of Mick on CHUM in Toronto. I was very impressed with his broadcasting ability and CHUM in those years was in the top 5 radio stations in North America. When we met him in Vancouver he was the perfect host trying to please all of us and paying special attention to the people he had not met before. I believe Tony Prince and Mick had a special connection which was very evident to me and it was a mutual admiration and respect for one another. The reunion was amazing and left a lasting impression on me. I visited Mick in Abbotsford about three years ago and he offered for me to stay with him and of course was his usual friendly self. He left a lasting impression on his many listeners and I feel blessed to have passed his way if only for a short time. Rest in peace, Mick.


Audio recorded by Mick (and Granny!) specially for the 2001 Big L broadcast. (© Radio London Ltd)

Kenny Tosh has posted an excerpt from the video he shot during the Vancouver reunion on Youtube

The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame tribute

Many thanks to Gord Lansdell, the Editor/Webmaster Northwest Broadcasters and Vancouver Broadcasters.

Webby's confession regarding his wedding report gaff.

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(Right) Flying the Manx flag on a boat trip during the Vancouver Reunion:
Graham Webb, Gord Cruse, Tony Prince, Mick

Jim Murphy's biography of Mick on his original website, now hosted by Radio London.

In this documentary, (at 09:29) Mick lip-syncs to his single 'Long Time Between Lovers'.

Photos of the 35th Anniversary Reunion, 2002.

Photo report of the Vancouver Reunion, 2004.

Mick films Bryan Vaughan for a proposed documentary

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