A very special ceremony was organised for the 2007 USS Density reunion held in San Antonio, Texas.
On September 21st, the shipmates and their families travelled to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, to formally present their ship's bell to the museum. The ceremony was held at 1300, in the museum gardens, where a marquee had been erected to provide shade from the fierce heat.

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2007 Reunion Photo Gallery

Chris and Mary felt extremely privileged to be included as representatives of the ship's second life in the 1960s as the mv Galaxy. Below, are shots of the statuette presented to us by the organisers' family, Laverne and Marie Bailey, their daughter Tanya and her husband R.V., all of whom you will see in our photo album.

Gibson Cushman, grandson of the ship's captain Walter Smith, was given special permission to take time off school to attend the reunion with his mother Eliza and grandmother, Hope Smith. Gibson and his family were very interested to hear about the ship's new life as Radio London, as were all the Density Family members we had not previously met.

At the museum, Gibson unveiled a plaque to commemorate the courage of those who served aboard the USS Density.
This is a letter received from Gibson's mother, dated October 19th:

Dear Mary and Chris,

A very belated thank you note for all your kindness during the reunion in San Antonio. The time you both took with my mother, Gibson and me was very much appreciated. We had a fantastic time reconnecting with the Density Family and Gibson was truly touched by all the lovely memories of his grandfather.

We were all so moved by the very special presentation of the ship's bell to the Pacific War Museum and are so grateful to be included in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I am enclosing a photo of Gibson with his 'story board' - a collage of photos and mementoes from the reunion. We presented them in front of his Fifth Grade class when he returned to school. His teachers were amazed by this experience.

The USS Density reunion was a 'living color' history lesson, but more importantly, it was a reminder to stay in touch with wonderful people who have touched your life meaningfully.

Eliza and Gibson Cushman, Hope Smith

Gibson produced the wonderful school project above.

Each person at the ceremony was given a scroll bearing
the prayer read at the presentation ceremony by the Reverend Richard Elwood.

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Density crew by Ron Buninga, son of Captain Bill Buninga, the Dutch captain of the ship when she was the home of Radio London.

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Silhouette USS Density logo used by kind permission of Tanya Baugus.

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