Radio London proudly presents the Fab Forties – charts unlike any others, originally broadcast on Britain's most successful offshore radio station, known affectionately as Big L.

Many hours of research have gone into the production of these pages, making them the most comprehensive chart archive from the brief period in the mid-Sixties which comprised the broadcasting life of Radio London. The uniqueness of these Fab Forties, found only on the Radio London website, is completed by the addition of photos and news of happenings aboard the mv Galaxy, musical information and special features.

The Big L Fab Forties
Sundays 1100
Wednesdays 1800

Listen to Oldies Project via
In collaboration with Radio London, the Oldies Project team brings you a very special feature. Every Sunday from 1100 UK time, (repeated on Wednesdays at 1800 UK time), you'll be able to enjoy the records from the Big L Fab 40 first broadcast from the mv Galaxy during the same week, 58 years ago.

If you are not in the UK, you can find the time difference for your part of the world, here.

During the rest of the week, you'll hear a great music mix with frequent Fab 40 tracks mixed in!

Comment from the Oldies Project Guest Book:
"I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Without exaggeration, over the one day I've been listening I've heard more long-forgotten favorites than I have in 10 years of listening to 'formula' oldies stations here in the US!"
How Oldies Project and their broadcasts of the Big L Fab Forty came into being
An interview with Oldies Project by Wim de Lang provides more background

Week Commencing

Week Commencing

Week Commencing

Week Commencing

Week Commencing
24th January 1965
31st January 1965
7th February 1965
14th February 1965
21st February 1965
28th February 1965
7th March 1965
14th March 1965
21st March 1965
28th March 1965
4th April 1965
11th April 1965
18th April 1965
25th April 1965
2nd May 1965
9th May 1965
16th May 1965
23rd May 1965
30th May 1965
6th June 1965
13th June 1965
20th June 1965
27th June 1965
4th July 1965
11th July 1965
18th July 1965
25th July 1965
1st August 1965
8th August 1965
15th August 1965
22nd August 1965
29th August 1965
5th September 1965
12th September 1965
19th September 1965
26th September 1965
3rd October 1965
10th October 1965
17th October 1965
24th October 1965
31st October 1965
7th November 1965
14th November 1965
21st November 1965
28th November 1965
5th December 1965
12th December 1965
19th December 1965
26th December 1965
2nd January 1966
9th January 1966
16th January 1966
23rd January 1966
30th January 1966
6th February 1966
13th February 1966
20th February 1966
27th February 1966
6th March 1966
13th March 1966
20th March 1966
27th March 1966
3rd April 1966
10th April 1966
17th April 1966
24th April 1966
1st May 1966*
8th May 1966
15th May 1966
22nd May 1966
29th May 1966
5th June 1966
12th June 1966
19th June 1966
26th June 1966
3rd July 1966
10th July 1966
17th July 1966
24th July 1966
31st July 1966
7th August 1966
14th August 1966
21st August 1966
28th August 1966
4th September 1966
11th September 1966
18th September 1966
25th September 1966
2nd October 1966
9th October 1966
16th October 1966
23rd October 1966
30th October 1966
6th November 1966
13th November 1966
20th November 1966
27th November 1966
4th December 1966
11th December 1966
Fam Forty 1966
18th Dec 1966
25th Dec 1966
1st January 1967
8th January 1967
15th January 1967
22nd January 1967
29th January 1967
5th February 1967
12th February 1967
19th February 1967
26th February 1967
5th March 1967
12th March 1967
19th March 1967
26th March 1967
2nd April 1967
9th April 1967
16th April 1967
23rd April 1967
30th April 1967
7th May 1967
14th May 1967
21st May 1967
28th May 1967
4th June 1967
11th June 1967
18th June 1967
25th June 1967
2nd July 1967
9th July 1967
16th July 1967
23rd July 1967
30th July 1967
6th August 1967

* Field's Fab Forties commence here. (See explanation in the Introduction)

These Radio London Fab Forty charts differ considerably from the National or 'Official' sales-based charts of the time, in that they contain numerous entries from obscure recording artists. Some of these artists have gone on to greater things, but many have remained unheard of since the Sixties. These are far more than mere listings. A wealth of information and photographs are to be found in the pages associated with the Fabs, and we know that much more remains to be added concerning these artists, their relationship with Radio London and the connection of many of them with the Knees Club.

New information is constantly being unearthed and feedback is regularly received from the recording artists of the time. Recent updates to the Fabs are listed on our current 'What's Happening' page.

If you have any information concerning charts or playlists featured on Radio London (particularly for the weeks between December 1964 and May 1966) any additional information regarding climbers or presenters, or if you wish to contact Mary or other members of the team, please get in touch here

Where references have been made to the national charts for the UK, the source of this information is the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles, by Jo and Tim Rice, Paul Gambaccini and Mike Read. References to the US Hot Hundred indicate the charts published by Billboard.

Introduction to the Radio London Fab Forties. The story of how the full set was acquired and who contributed
There are so many pages of features connected to the Fab Forties, they have to have their own index!
A to Z of Fab 40 acts
Check the latest Fab 40 Updates in "What's Happening"
Index to all features relating to Radio London and the Galaxy

Interested in the Caroline charts? The Stonewashed Collection, compiled by Jempi Laevaert, is moored up to the Radio London website and updated periodically.

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The Fab Forties which appear on these pages were compiled from various sources, with contributions from the following:

Bert Bossink, Alan Field, Brian Long, Machteld Meijer, Hans Peters, Holger Postelmann and Gert van der Winden and others.

Mary Payne converted the combined information into web pages and conducted most of the musical research compiled therein.

The resulting complete work, as it appears on the Radio London website and,
is © 2001 to 2023 Radio London Ltd.

The source material supplied has been used with each party's permission and remains the copyright of the individual contributor. The Big L Fab 40 chart positions from April 1965 to April 1966 are taken from the version originally published in The London Sound by Brian Long and are used by written permission of the author. They are modified as more information becomes available, with Brian's consent.

The Big L Fab 40 charts on this website are the copyright of Radio London Ltd
and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written permission.

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