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         New material was added to this site on September 26, 1998

was the "Original Pirate Radio Ship" broadcasting to the British Isles during the sixties. She and others that followed, changed British broadcasting history. Defying British and other laws she broadcast a commercial "Top Forty" style format from outside "the 3 mile limit" on a self chosen frequency without authorization from or control of any government authority.

This site is a personal archive of photographs and memories of RADIO CAROLINE NORTH disc jockies, newsmen and crewmembers. It will constantly be upgraded as I locate other former shipmates and get their stories and memories of the years of Radio Caroline North.    If you have information about the whereabouts of any please email me.

This website will include many audio clips such as airchecks of DJ's shows...jingles and commercials. Some were recorded off the air and others are from the original studio tapes. Also some pages about individual DJ's will have current comments from them about their experience on Radio Caroline North.

I'm editing airchecks as fast as I can plus searching for more to give a better idea of the overall sound of Radio Caroline North.

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My sincere thanks to Kenny Tosh and East of Midnight Productions for use of Don Allen's Photos and Audio Collection. Thanks also to Hans Knot of Soundscapes for materials from his huge archvies. The most complete list of links to Pirate Radio is Dr. Martin van der Ven's Offshore Links site.

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